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That’s a question we hear more and more. Not surprising, really, considering that just about every frame manufacturer is jumping on the carbon-fiber bandwagon these days. Even some that once claimed they would never do so. . . but that’s another story.

So, why Kestrel? Of course, there are all the things you would normally look for in your dream bike – stiffness, strength, speed, ride quality, light weight, geometry & fit, build spec, exclusivity, solid warranty. . . and the list goes on. And let’s face it, aesthetics play a big part, and there’s a certain intrinsic beauty in the kind of form-follows-function designs that only molded carbon – combined with years of refined design and engineering expertise – can provide. (And we’re not talking trends and gimmicks and goofy-shaped tubes with holes through them here. We’re talking about advanced carbon structures, engineered for performance.)

OK, we’ve got you covered on all of the above. But these points are really just the tip of the “why Kestrel” iceberg.

So much of it are things you can’t see. They’re inside the frames, inside the molds, inside the computers and inside the minds of our engineers and designers. It’s in more years of all-carbon bicycle design and manufacturing then anyone else in the business. It’s in tried-and-true engineering and manufacturing techniques, constantly improved and refined over the last two decades. It’s in the rigorous manufacturing, quality and engineering test requirements that are unrivaled in our industry. It’s in writing the book on carbon bicycle design, and adding new chapters while the other guys are still trying to catch up. It’s in our passion and drive to make the best bikes on the planet – and then get out there and ride them.

You may not be able to see these things when you look at a Kestrel. But we think you will feel them when you take one out for a ride. Which of course provides the ultimate answer to the question, “Why Kestrel?”

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