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Production Perfection

Kestrel employs some of the most painstakingly accurate production methods anywhere, not just in the world of cycling.

We begin with our precision CNC-machined molds, which are cut and polished to a few ten-thousandths of an inch in tolerance. Each mold is then inlaid with individually hand-layered carbon pieces that are roller die-cut, precisely positioned in an overlapping pattern with feathered edges for a smooth, tightly bonded structure.

The mold is then closed, and subjected to a computer-controlled cure under a 4,500-pound hydraulic press for perfect compaction that fuses the carbon into a single, structurally sound piece.

Upon removal from the mold, each frame is then subjected to a six-stage precision machining process, followed by up to five hand-sanded layers of primer and paint. If it passes inspection it then receives its decals, clearcoat and final machining, followed by a hand polish.

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