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No-Compromise Materials

The best designs are only as strong as their execution, which is why we take great pains to ensure the quality and consistency of our materials. All Kestrel frames, forks and components are built using unidirectional, long-filament prepreg composites. We use long-filament carbon for the superior strength you get from continuous fiber runs, and we can tune each structure with careful fiber orientation.

Our pre-preg carbon-meaning it's pre-impregnated with resin-uses a proprietary, toughened thermoset resin matrix, a fancy way of saying we employ a tough, strong plastic to hold our carbon together.

There is an ideal composite/resin matrix ratio which provides the strongest, lightest finished structure. If there isn't enough matrix, the composite won't be adequately held together, reducing its structural effectiveness. If there's too much matrix the part is heavier, and the strength-to-weight ratio suffers since even our proprietary, thermoplastic-toughened epoxy doesn't have the structural strength of composite (if it did, we'd forego the carbon and just build bikes from plastic). By using pre-pregs, we're able to ensure that optimal fiber/resin ratio in the completed part, what you'd call lightest and strongest. This is the preferred way of building carbon parts, which is why it's employed in aerospace, Formula 1 racing and other high-performance applications.

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