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1. Modular Monocoque Construction
Kestrel introduced bladder-molded monocoque carbon structures to the industry in 1986. The use of Aerospace-grade carbon/epoxy “pre-preg” materials would prove to revolutionize bicycle frame design and manufacturing. Since that time we’ve continuously refined every aspect of this process to the point it is today. Our Modular Monocoque construction combines the best of Kestrel frame technology, EMS fork technology and structural bonding techniques that we’ve honed for two decades, to maximize performance, fit, ride quality and styling in a reliable, repeatable process.

2. Optimized Tube Shapes and Junction Design
Everything on a Kestrel frame is designed for optimal performance of the task at hand. Tubes and junctions are sized and shaped for the given loading conditions and functional requirements. Tube sizes and shapes transition from one end to the other; bottom bracket and head tube areas are massively reinforced; stays are formed to provide tremendous lateral stiffness while adding to the signature smooth ride. Kestrel pioneered the use of long-fiber technology to carry the loads continuously from one tube through a reinforced junction and into another tube, and we continue to lead the way today.

3. Size-Specific Structural Design and Fiber Layup
We vary the type, amount and ply angles of our carbon fiber prepreg material throughout each frame design - engineered to suit the structural needs at every point in the frame, to maximize performance and ride quality while eliminating unnecessary weight, regardless of frame size. And a closer look reveals that tube and junction sizes are actually designed in proportion to the individual frame size for consistent stiffness, response and ride throughout the line. In fact, in some models every tube and junction is scaled proportionally in every frame size.

4. Proprietary Bonding Design and Techniques
In addition to our pioneering development of monocoque carbon molding, Kestrel has employed engineering-grade structural adhesives and bonded joint designs since day one. We design our bonds correctly, loading the adhesive in “shear” for optimal strength, with properly maintained glue gap for reliability. Attention to detail extends right down to the adhesive spec: Our engineers require a proven and costly two-part aerospace grade adhesive that requires a more rigorous and thorough curing process, where our competitors settle for cheaper, single stage, quick-cure glues.

5. Ride Tuned Stays
Our Modular Monocoque seatstay and chainstay sections are engineered for efficient power transfer and lateral tracking, while at the same time enhancing the already silky-smooth carbon ride. Hollow, bladder-molded stay assemblies combine the best of Kestrel frame, fork and bonding technologies. Including design features such as functional aerodynamics, and our size-proportional sections and fiber layup techniques.

6. Exclusive and Proprietary EMS Fork Technology
Every Kestrel road and tri model frame comes with its own design-specific Kestrel fork. Each fork is designed and manufactured using our legendary and proprietary “EMS” fork technology and, like our frames, held to the highest engineering, quality and reliability standards in the industry. Every aspect – from materials and processes, to geometry and functional styling, to performance and ride quality – is designed to blend with and enhance the Kestrel frame.

7. Proven No-Compromise Geometry and Fit
Kestrel road, mountain and tri geometries have been tweaked and refined over two decades, with input from some of the premier sizing and fit experts in the industry. Geometries are based on classic center-to-center dimensions - we don’t compromise with one-size-fits-all designs or marketing fads. And since each size of each model requires its own unique set of costly Solid-Model CAD drawings and CNC-machined tooling, each size receives its own unique set of geometry specifications, for size-proportional fit and consistent performance throughout. Unlike our competition, we don’t duplicate tube angles, lengths or other critical dimensions, just to trim tooling or manufacturing costs.

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