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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about the company.
About Us
Why Kestrel?

Why build with carbon fiber?
Technology: About Carbon

Why Kestrel technology?
Technology: Design Expertise
Anatomy of a Kestrel

What makes Kestrel's carbon fiber special?
Technology: No-Compromise Materials

How do you make it?
Technology: Production Perfection

What are suggested retail prices?
Please contact the Kestrel Dealer or Distributor in your area, or e-mail us, for suggested retail prices on Kestrel bikes and framesets. See the Store section of this website for pricing on clothing and accessories.

What is your warranty policy?
Product Warranty

Tell me about the frame geometry and specifications.
Talon SL
Airfoil Pro
Talon SL Aero
Talon Aero

Tell me about the frame geometry and specifications of pre-2006 bikes.
Geo & fit - Rubicon SX
Geo & fit - CS-X
Geo & fit - KM40Airfoil
Geo & fit - 500 EMS
Geo & fit - 300 EMS
Geo & fit - 200 SCi

How do I assemble and care for my Kestrel bike or Kestrel accessory?
Care sheet - Evoke
Care sheet - Talon
Care sheet - AirFoil Pro
Care sheet - Rubicon Comp
Care sheet - Rubicon SX
Care sheet - CS-X
Care sheet - KM40Airfoil
Care sheet - 500 Series
Care sheet - 300 & 200 Series
Care sheet - Road Bar
Care sheet - Road Bar SL
Care sheet - Off-Road Flat Bar
Care sheet - Forks


Customer Service
Product Registration
Warranty Statement

Get the
2006 Kestrel Brochure

Download a
Hi-Rez Image

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