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Improve your bike’s climbing stiffness, handling and sprinting response with the most well-designed handlebars available. Kestrel EMS Pro handlebars are carefully hand-built to provide amazing shock damping and stiffness, molded as a single piece with continuous fiber runs end to end for superior reliability. Lifetime and No-Fault Warranties.

Our bars are molded as a single piece—not glued together from multiple sections—so you get continuous fiber runs from end to end, for superior strength and more positive ride feel. Available in standard 26.0mm and oversize 31.8mm clamp diameters, and 40-46cm widths, to fit your physique and your bike’s setup.


Clamp Diameter Materials Sizes (Weights)
26.0mm 700k Carbon/Aramid 40cm (210g), 42cm (215g), 44cm (220g), 46cm (225g)
31.8mm 700k Carbon/Aramid 40cm (215g), 42cm (220g), 44cm (225g), 46cm (230g)
26.0mm 800k Carbon/Aramid 40cm (175g), 42cm (180g), 44cm (185g)
EMS Pro SL/OS 31.8mm 800k Carbon/Aramid 40cm (180g), 42cm (185g), 44cm (190g)

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