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About Kestrel

There is nothing warm and fuzzy about going fast. The clock does not forgive. Your cycle computer does not cut you slack. Speed is an absolute, the ultimate dividing line between first place and being an also-ran.

We’ve been perfecting speed science since 1987, starting with the world’s first all-carbon frame, and we use every tool and trick at our disposal to make Kestrels the fastest bikes on the planet. We start with 20 years of sweat equity and hard-won know-how, with the most experienced carbon design team in cycling. We haven’t just tried and explored every trick in the book—we wrote the book, and that experience is irreplaceable.

The modern bicycle is one of man’s most refined machines, the culmination of over a century of design evolution. There are no great leaps left in cycle design—making a faster bike depends on small, detailed refinements, and we’re better at it than anyone.

Every Kestrel is meticulously engineered, millimeter by millimeter—modeled, computer-simulated, prototyped, subjected to rigorous structural testing, test-ridden, refined and redesigned. We hone our designs over and over, until we’ve achieved perfection, then meticulously hand-build each frame using the tightest quality-control standards in the business. We don’t cut corners for production, sales or marketing demands, because performance and quality—like speed—are absolutes.

Speed does not tolerate compromise. Neither do we.

Why Kestrel?
Kestrel Dealers

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